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September 2020

NAADAC Annual Conference 2020

9/24/2020 - 9/26/2020
NAADAC invites you to attend the virtual 2020 Annual Conference: Learn, Connect, Succeed, from September 24 - 26, 2020 right from your home or office!

This year's conference will feature trainings in these five subject tracks:

Cultural Humility & Social Responsibility
Advanced Addiction Treatment Skills
Peer Recovery Support
Telecounseling and Other Uses of Technology
Trauma-Related Care
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Location: Online event
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2020 Guam Virtual Conference on Substance use Disorders

9/28/2020 - 9/30/2020
Promoting culturally responsive treatment and recovery across the Pacific: Guam’s Virtual Conference on Substance use Disorders

September 29-30 2020 (Guam, CNMI, FSM, Palau, RMI)
September 28-29 2020 (American Samoa, All US States)

Location: Virtual Conference
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October 2020

EUSPR 2020 Conference and Members' Meeting

10/7/2020 - 10/9/2020
The 11th EUSPR Conference and Members’ Meeting will take place on October 7-9, 2020, in Lisbon, Portugal. The main conference takes place on the 8th and 9th, and pre-conference activities will take place on the 7th.

Early-bird registration will open on Friday 6th March, and registration will close on Monday 28th September.

The call for abstracts will open on Monday 16th March, and close on Monday 1st June.
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
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World Public Health Congress

10/12/2020 - 10/17/2020
16th World Congress on Public Health 2020
Public health for the future of humanity: analysis, advocacy and action
The global public health community will be meeting at a critical time for our planet. Global temperatures lie far beyond historical records and there are real fears that we are reaching a tipping point. Threats to food and water supply, poverty and inequalities are leading to mass migration and conflict. Political structures, at national, regional, and global level, are struggling to respond. International agreements, on climate change, nuclear weapons, and much else, are being torn up. The Enlightenment view, that policy should be shaped by evidence, is being rejected by some leading politicians. At a time when global solidarity is required, populist politicians are exploiting divisions.
Location: Rome, Italy
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10/20/2020 - 10/23/2020
The CRISA conference on “Drugs, alcohol and society in Africa” serves as an important forum for scholars, policy experts, students and professionals working on all aspects of drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours relevant to Africa. We welcome original contributions from a range of disciplines, including health and social sciences, the humanities, and media studies (especially social media).
The major theme of the 2020 conference is:
Substance Use and Addictive Behaviours: Emerging Issues and Trends in Africa
Abstract submission deadline: 13 July 2020

Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Contact Name: Ms Gloria Akpabio
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November 2020

Safety 2020

11/8/2020 - 11/11/2020
The 14th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion will be held from 8-11 November 2020 in Adelaide, Australia. Hosted by the Public Health Association of Australia and Co-Sponsored by the World Health Organization, and other key national and international organisations, Safety 2020 aims to bring together the global injury prevention community to continue the successful world conferences highlighting the important research, work and advocacy in injury prevention and safety promotion. The Conference aims to facilitate global, inclusive and diverse conversations on addressing the gaps in injury prevention and safety promotion. Attendees will include policy makers, government officials, researchers, community and NGO workers, practitioners, academics, funders of prevention programs, safety officers, local council workers, workplace health and safety representatives, health professionals, drug and alcohol workers.
Location: Adelaide, Australia
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European Alcohol Policy Conference 2020

11/18/2020 - 11/19/2020
The conference is a platform to reflect on achievements and share experiences with partners across Europe, while also looking forward to new challenges where we can work together across national boundaries. The conference will bring together a broad representation of stakeholders concerned with alcohol related-harm (policy and decision makers, scientists, and alcohol and health experts) in order to strengthen networks, build capacity and stimulate action to prevent and reduce alcohol related problems at all levels.

This year’s conference will run along four overarching categories: alcohol policy in the digital age, alcohol and cancer, alcohol in the workplace and alcohol policy across Europe.

The conference will be raising awareness among the key policy and decision makers of the current burden of alcohol in Europe and the multiple health and social problems it creates. It will explore ways in which cost effective alcohol policies can contribute to the creation of sustainable health system savings. In addition, this conference will consider the synergies between the current work undertaken by both the European Commission and the World Health Organization. In the current political and economic situation, it is necessary to maintain a high level of attention to the issue of alcohol to ensure continued policy developments to address alcohol related harm.
Location: Oslo, Norway
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December 2020

6th Australian and New Zealand Addiction Conference

12/7/2020 - 12/9/2020
Led by multi-disciplinary experts, the 2020 Australian & New Zealand Addiction Conference offers a three-day program of innovative treatment strategies, current evidence-based findings and lived experience speakers.
Location: Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia.
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