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Three Things You Need To Know About ICUDDR

By Kevin Mulvey, PhD


September 2022

1) What is the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction - what we refer to as ICUDDR?

We are an organization/consortium of universities with a focus on addictions studies.

Vision: ICUDDR envisions a world where people with or at risk for substance use disorders and related conditions have access to science-informed prevention, treatment, and recovery support services.

Mission:To build and support a global network of colleges and universities to improve professional competencies in the prevention, treatment and applied research of SUDs and related conditions, increase access to quality.

ICUDDR will provide:

Our 4 Principal Goals:

2) How many members do we have and from what areas of the world?

As of August, 2022 there are 317 member Universities across the globe. 81 come are in Africa from 20 countries. 81 come from the Asia-Pacific region from 19 countries, 37 from Europe from 20 countries. 66 from Latin America and the Caribbean for 17 Countries. 6 from the Middle East from 3 countries and 46 from the United States and Canada.

3) What are the membership benefits for joining ICUDDR?

Bonus Information

How does your college or university join this esteemed group?

Please go to the membership page and complete the online form. The best part is at the present time membership is free just requiring a commitment to work on establishing or improving an addiction studies program at your institution of higher education.

Who are the team members at the ICUDDR Office: