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"Review of Alternatives to Incarceration Efforts Worldwide," a Diplomacy Lab ProjectWebsiteCase Study, Evaluation, Research
Academic Programs in Drug Treatment and Prevention at Paraguayan UniversitiesVideoCase Study, Prevention, Program Implementation, Treatment
Academic Programs on Addiction Studies in the PhilippinesPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
Access to Drug Treatment Services in Nigeria: The Challenge of Addiction WorkforceVideoCase Study, Program Implementation
Adaptación e implementación remota de una intervención de prevención familiarVideoProgram Implementation
Addiction Study Internship PlacePresentation SlidesCase Study, Program Implementation
Addiktologie Special EditionJournal ArticleCase Study, Program Implementation
Addressing Compassion Fatigue and Promoting Self Care Strategies for Substance Use Service ProfessionalsOtherTreatment
Addressing Motivation for Change: Intro to Motivational InterviewingPresentation SlidesTreatment
Advocating for Addiction Science Programs at the University LevelOtherAdvocacy
Alcohol and Substance Use Prevention in Africa: Systematic Scoping ReviewPosterResearch
Anderson, 2014 Engaging with Massive Online CoursesJournal ArticleProgram Implementation, Research
Angelino, 2007 Strategies to Engage Online Students and Reduce Attrition RatesJournal ArticleProgram Implementation, Research
ASAM COVID-19 ResourcesWebsiteProgram Implementation, Treatment
Bibliometric Analysis of Alcohol and Substance Use Prevention Research in AfricaJournal ArticlePrevention, Research
Bibliometric analysis of alcohol and substance use prevention research in AfricaPosterResearch
Blueprints for Healthy Youth DevelopmentWebsiteAdvocacy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Building Strength and Resilience during the COVID 19 Pandemic A Focus on Parents with Substance UseOtherTreatment
Building Trauma Informed Treatment in Clinical Practice: A Curriculum for Addictions and Mental Health Students and CounselorsPresentation SlidesCase Study, Treatment
Center for Prevention Implementation MethodologyWebsiteProgram Implementation
Changing the Way We View Opioid ReceptorsJournal ArticleResearch
Chia s? k?t qu? Nghiên c?u Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD)OtherResearch
Chronicle of Higher Education Advice Section: Are You Writing?WebsitePrevention, Research, Treatment
Clinical trials in Global HealthWebsiteResearch
Co-Occurring Disorders Lecture, Igor Koutsenok, MD - October 2020VideoTreatment
Comorbidites in Drug Use DisordersJournal ArticleResearch
Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)Website
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreakWebsite
COVID-19 Coping Toolkit Tools
COVID-19 disrupting mental health services in most countries, WHO surveyPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)
COVID-19 Vaccine FAQsWebsite
Creating Persuasive Evidence-Based, Anti-Substance Use Media MessagesPresentation SlidesPrevention
CTN Dissemination LibraryWebsitePrevention, Research, Treatment
DARA: Drug and Alcohol Rehab AsisPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
Developing Novel Therapies for Stimulant Use DisorderVideoResearch
Developing university -based DDR academic programs for resource constrained countriesVideoCase Study, Program Implementation
Digital Network EducationPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
Dixon, 2010 Creating effective student engagement in online courses: What do students find engaging?Journal ArticleProgram Implementation, Research
Education and training on addiction psychiatry in low and middle income countries: Observations from existing literature and recommendations going aheadJournal ArticleAdvocacy, Program Implementation, Research
Enhancing your Addiction Education and Early CareerOtherProgram Implementation, Research
Evaluating the Quality of Training Programs: A framework crossing European standards on prevention and on elearningPresentation SlidesEvaluation
Evidence-Based Teaching: How to Develop, Deliver, and Evaluate Effective Substance Use CurriculaWebsiteProgram Implementation
Example of developing a national addiction institutional infrastructureJournal ArticleCase Study
Example of university implementation of UPCJournal ArticleCase Study
Harm reduction resourcesWebsiteResearch, Treatment
Health Professions Faculty for the Future: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)Print Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Program Implementation
How To Inform Policy and Decision Makers about Evidence-Based PreventionPresentation SlidesAdvocacy
How to Make Your Teaching Matter: Evidence-Based Teaching Strategies for Addiction ProfessionalsVideoProgram Implementation, Treatment
ICUDDR Africa Meeting 2018VideoProgram Implementation
ICUDDR Africa Meeting 2018 Second DayVideoProgram Implementation
ICUDDR Africa Region Conference Video Introduction to ICUDDRVideoProgram Implementation
Impact of Drug in MyanmarPresentation SlidesResearch
Implementación de educación y capacitación para la reducción de la demanda de alcohol y drogas:Implementation ToolkitAdvocacy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Implementation Science in Addiction and Criminal Justice: Bridging the Gap Between Research and PracticeWebsiteEvaluation, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Implementing Alcohol and Drug Demand Reduction Education and Training: A Guide for University Administrators and FacultyImplementation ToolkitAdvocacy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Interprofessional Education and Collaboration for Addiction Professionals Using Team-Based and Participatory ApproachesPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
Introduction to Evidence-based preventionOnline CoursePrevention
Kauffman, 2014 A review of predictive factors of student success in and satisfaction with online learningJournal ArticleProgram Implementation, Research
Mahidol University masters program in addiction studiesVideoCase Study, Program Implementation
Master class on Motivational InterviewingVideoTreatment
Methodologies Mini-Course: Mobile Health Tobacco Interventions Among Low-Income SmokersOnline CoursePrevention, Research, Treatment
National Association for Alcohol and Drug Abuse CounselorsWebsiteAdvocacy, Program Implementation, Treatment
National Institute of Justice Crime Solutions: Strengthening Families ProgramWebsitePrevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Nature newsletter advice on teaching onlinePrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)Program Implementation
Next Generation of UPC Innovations for Broader DisseminationPresentation SlidesPrevention
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Model Programs GuideWebsiteEvaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Treatment
Online Learning Problem Solving Group 3Online CourseProgram Implementation
Online Problem Solving Group recordingOnline CourseProgram Implementation
Opioid Use and NutritionOtherAdvocacy, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Overview of university-based academic programs in addiction studies in AfricaJournal ArticleCase Study, Evaluation, Research
Policy change to support development of academic program in addiction studies, and enhance addictionOtherProgram Implementation
Practice-driven Conceptual and Organizational Framework for Promoting the Adoption and Implementation of EBPPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
Preparing an Addiction Study Program Based on Learning OutcomesPresentation SlidesCase Study, Program Implementation
Presentation on getting published by Richard PatesVideoAdvocacy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Prevención escolar del uso de sustancias psicoactivas - Retos en los tiempos del COVID-19OtherPrevention
Prevention Science and Its Application to Evidence-Based Substance Use Prevention Interventions and Policies - The Role of UniversitiesPresentation SlidesPrevention, Program Implementation
Procesos de Investigación y Apropiación Social del ConocimientoVideoResearch
Psychometric Properties of Measures of Substance Use: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Reliability, Validity and Diagnostic Test AccuracyJournal ArticleEvaluation
Publishing Addiction ScienceOnline CourseResearch
Publishing Addiction Science - 30 November 2020OtherResearch
Publishing Addiction Science, series 2 final sessionOnline CourseResearch
Quality Improvement in Addiction Treatment part oneVideoProgram Implementation, Treatment
Quality Improvement in Addiction Treatment part twoVideoProgram Implementation, Treatment
Recommendations for future national Drug PoliciesBrochureAdvocacy, Research
Report to the Secretariat: World situation with regard to drug abuseOtherResearch
Retos y desafíos en la formación del recurso humano en drohodependencias por parte de las UniversidadesPresentation SlidesProgram Implementation
School’s Guide to ImplementationOnline CourseCase Study, Program Implementation
Society of Addiction Psychology Addiction Course Syllabus RepositoryWebsiteProgram Implementation, Research, Treatment
Society of Addiction Psychology: American Psychological Association Division 50WebsiteCase Study, Program Implementation
Studying the Effect of the Unplugged Prevention Programme on Children Whose Mothers Report Drinking More Than WeeklyJournal ArticlePrevention
Suggestions about treatment, care and rehabilitation of people with drug use disorder in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic BrochureProgram Implementation, Treatment
Supporting students through COVID 19VideoProgram Implementation
Ten Simple Rules to becoming a principle investigatorJournal ArticleResearch
The Coronavirus Threat: Key Topics in Infection ControlWebsite
The Culture of PreventionWebsitePrevention
The Role of Qualitative Research in Addiction ScienceVideoResearch
Treatment of Drug Use Disorders and Associated Mental Health Disorders in Prison Settings and Forensic HospitalsJournal ArticleResearch, Treatment
Twitter Chat: Building Strength and Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Focus on ParentsOtherTreatment
Uganda Enrichment Session 2Online CourseAdvocacy, Program Implementation, Treatment
Uganda Enrichment Session 3 and GraduationOnline CourseTreatment
Uganda Enrichment training Nov 2020Online Course
Ukraine Workforce Needs AssessmentJournal ArticleCase Study, Program Implementation, Research
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime DataWebsiteResearch
Universal Prevention Curriculum Substance Use (UPC) Curriculum
Universal Treatment Curriculum for Substance Use (UTC)Curriculum
University World NewsWebsite
UNODC data on drug useWebsiteResearch
UNODC Executive Summary: Impact of COVID-19 Policy ImplicationsOtherAdvocacy
UNODC Listen FirstWebsitePrevention
UNODC Listen FirstVideoAdvocacy, Prevention
UNODC Report - Effects of COVID on Homicide and Property Crime - December 2020Pamphlet or Fact SheetResearch
UNODC/WHO International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders - Ukrainian Translation (Unofficial)BrochureProgram Implementation, Treatment
UNODC: What crime and helpline data say about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on reported violence against women and girlsPamphlet or Fact SheetResearch
UTC 1: Introduction to the Science of AddictionOnline CourseResearch
UTC 2: Continuum of Care for Addiction ProfessionalsOnline CourseTreatment
UTC 7: Crisis Intervention for Addiction ProfessionalsOnline Course
UTC 8: Ethics for Addiction ProfessionalsOnline CourseTreatment
UTC Academic Adaptation & Shift to Online TrainingOnline CourseCase Study, Program Implementation
UTC training in UkraineVideoTreatment
VCU Libraries Drugs and Alcohol: Open Access to ResearchWebsiteEvaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Webinar on accrediting university addiction counselor education programsVideoEvaluation, Program Implementation, Treatment
WHO Global Index Medicus (GIM)WebsiteAdvocacy, Evaluation, Prevention, Program Implementation, Research, Treatment
Women and Smoking SeminarOnline CourseResearch, Treatment
Women Imprisoned with Substance Use Disorders: The Treatment Rehabilitation Services AgendaOtherTreatment
World Mental Health International College Student Project Presentation SlidesPrevention
World Report in regard to drug traffickingPamphlet or Fact SheetResearch