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A retrospective cohort study to assess the dropout rates and its predictors in Ho Chi Minh City’s methadone maintenance program using a stringent criterion

Heroin use is a significant health and social issue in Vietnam. Although there was a substantial increase in the proportion of users of newer opioids in the past decade, heroin is still the most commonly used opioid in the country. The adverse effects associated with heroin use disorders have been widely

documented in the literature (Lap, 2015). It is believed that Vietnam has faced a concentrated HIV epidemic among people who use drugs. Vietnam has the highest rate of HIV transmission through injecting drug users, accounting for 34% of HIV-positive population (Lap, 2015). Heroin is the

most commonly reported drug among those injecting drug users (Lap, 2015). Therefore, timely, comprehensive support and intervention for persons with heroin use disorders is of paramount importance for Vietnam.

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