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ICUDDR Conference in Peru

Published by Kim Johnson on 16.7.2019

The ICUDDR 2019 Conference starts on July 21. This year we will be in Cusco Peru as you may have seen from our website. I am excited about the program, and many of you must be too, because we reached our maximum capacity and had to stop accepting registrations today!

Because we know travel can be hard and because we have limited registration to 250 participants, we are live streaming the conference via Zoom! Check out the website to find the link to the sessions you want to watch.

We will not have professional photography and the sound quality will be limited by the speaker’s remembering that there is a streaming audience as well as a live one, but if you can’t make it to Cusco, check out the Zoom links and get the next best thing to live.

Our keynotes are both talking about the future of the field. Gregor Burkhardt, EMCDD, keynote at 10:00 on Monday , July 22 will talk about the future of the prevention workforce and the science that guides them. On July, 23, we will have Lisa Marsch, Dartmouth University, talk about technology and its impact on the addiction treatment workforce.

We have many varied and interesting panels on both Monday and Tuesday morning and master classes each afternoon. The master classes will be broadcast as well, so while you may not be able to engage in all the interactive activities, you will be able to watch some master teachers at work.

For example, Igor Koutsenok, UCSD, will present a course on teaching motivational interviewing. I have seen him teach this course, and I promise it will be interesting (see a version of it on our You-Tube channel:

If you are interested in a course in Spanish, Fernando Salazar, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, will teach a course on using the UPC as the basis of implementing a school based prevention program.

We will also have a session taught by Richard Pates, editor in chief of the Journal of Substance Use, on getting a paper published. We will follow this course by an Echo learning series where participants work on a paper and get feedback from the learning group.

I am excited about the conference this year and hope you can join us in Cusco, but if not, join us electronically.

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