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Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) YSEALI is the U.S. government’s signature initiative to engage emerging leaders in Southeast Asia. The program aims to create a network of young Southeast Asian leaders who work across national borders to solve common problems. Through a variety of programs and engagements, YSEALI seeks to build the leadership capabilities of youth in the region, strengthen ties between the United States and Southeast Asia, and nurture a community of leaders who work across borders to solve shared issues. In 2021, the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy Rangoon, in partnership with ICUDDR (International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction) will implement a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Regional Workshop on Mental Wellness for Reduction of Narcotics Use. This YSEALI training will consist of a series of three multi-day virtual workshops that will be held in January, February, and March 2022


This workshop aims to build capacity for those who work in the fields of drug demand reduction and mental wellness implementation. Our proposed event will gather youth from all countries of ASEAN and Timor-Leste to examine and discuss how to better integrate existing youth- led and youth-focused initiatives to support drug demand reduction and promote mental wellness for youth.

This is a training workshop for students, young professionals, and mid-career community organizers working in the field of drug demand reduction, designed to include interactive activities and coursework that will deepen their knowledge about mental wellness as an additional tool for reduction of narcotics use.

Objectives of the program:

  1. To enhance the capacity of youth and to prepare young people for future educational, career and life success.
  2. To increase knowledge, understanding, skills about mental wellness and promote positive lifestyles.
  3. To increase knowledge and skills related to social engagement, community participation, and implementation of community activities for youth working in the field of drug demand reduction.
  4. To develop international collaboration and initiate cross-border drug demand reduction- related programming that focuses on promoting mental wellness for youth throughout ASEAN

Join YSEALI Regional Workshop on Mental Wellness for Reduction of Narcotics Use and enjoy these benefits:

Other Essential Program Information:

  1. Program Funding: This regional workshop is fully funded by the U.S. Department of State. The program will cover all participant costs, including: program administration book, cultural, mailing and incidental allowances. More information about travel, housing and meal arrangements will be provided when/if an in-person component of the program is determined to be feasible. We will cover the costs of traveling to a location that has suitable internet connection if notified ahead of time by the participant
  2. Program Requirements and Restrictions: Candidates are expected to fully participate in the academic program. They should attend all lectures and organized activities, and complete assigned readings.
  3. 36 Hours Completion: Participants must commit to 36-hours of the virtual workshop in order to be eligible to apply and complete the workshop.
  4. English Language Ability: All candidates should be proficient in English so that they can actively participate in the academic program. Host will take into account that the level of comprehension and speaking ability of candidates may vary, and will prepare lectures and discussions that meet higher academic standards while using language appropriate for candidates for whom English is their second or third language.

Qualifications for Applicants:

Applicants for the Regional Workshop should:

  1. Be a YSEALI Member (Not a member yet? Sign up here!)
  2. Be between 18 – 35 years of age,
  3. Be a citizen and resident of an ASEAN country and Timor-Leste,
  4. Be in good health, both physically and mentally;

Candidates for this program must be:

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section addresses some commonly asked questions by applicants.

  1. What degree of English proficiency should an applicant have?
    All participants must be fully proficient in English; throughout the Institute they will need to fully understand lectures, actively participate in discussions, and read and write assignments in English.
  2. Can an applicant who is a dual citizen (U.S. and country of origin) participate in the Academic Fellows Institute?
    No. U.S. citizens and permanent residents (green card holders) are NOT eligible to participate in this program.


30 October 2021 Applications due
Early-December Finalists will be informed via email.
Public announcement will be posted on ICUDDR and ISSUP websites
Mid-January Orientation
25th January 2022 First workshop (in a series of 3) start

Please apply here and please direct questions to